Julie Wiebe, PT

Julie Wiebe, PT has over twenty years of clinical experience in both Sports Medicine and Women’s Health.

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Following her passion to revolutionize the way women recover from pregnancy and return to high levels of fitness, Julie has pioneered an integrative approach to promote women’s health in and through fitness. Her Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston Science concepts have been successfully incorporated by rehab practitioners and fitness professionals into a variety of populations. A published author, Julie is a sought after speaker to provide continuing education and lectures internationally at clinics, academic institutions, conferences and professional organizations. Julie maintains a clinical practice in Los Angeles and shares her approach for post pregnancy and pelvic health recovery and return to fitness with women worldwide through online courses, blogs, videos, podcasts and social media. When not trying to change the world one pelvic floor at a time, Julie is happy to focus on her first passions: being mom to the Z’s (Zoe and Zack), and wife to David.

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