Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release

Please read this carefully, understand fully, and ask questions if anything is unclear. Be aware that if you do not sign this Release and agree to its terms, you will not be granted access to content hosted on Pelvic Gym. Be in touch, we’re here to help. 

Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release

This release, Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release and Agreement is made by and between myself and Pelvic Gym, entered into on today’s date in connection with certain fitness and/or wellness programs hosted on Pelvic Gym including but not limited to Pilates, Yoga, or any physical and mental activity. 

I understand that Pelvic Gym specifically disclaims any liability for user’s individual use or application information or techniques hosted on Pelvic Gym. I assume all responsibility for, and risk of damage or injury that may occur as a result of my own actions, inactions, or negligence, or that of others as a user of content hosted on Pelvic Gym.

 I further understand that there are serious inherent risks involved with all physical activity and that when performing exercise I may suffer minor injury, serious injury, or even death. I understand these inherent risks and I assume all such inherent risks associated with participation in any activities hosted on Pelvic Gym. In consideration for participation in any activity hosted on Pelvic Gym I, my heirs executors, all members of my family, and assigns hereby release, discharge and waive, any and all claims, demands, losses or damages caused in whole or in part by content hosted on Pelvic Gym, for any and all negligence and for any and all injuries resulting for or arising out of, or incident to, engaging in exercises or following instructions anywhere by the Release or otherwise. I will indemnify, save and hold harmless each of the Releases from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost which may incur as a result of such claim. 

I further represent that I am in good health and physical condition and that I am not disabled in any way, taking medication, or suffering from any condition that would prevent me from safely engaging in such activities or that would make such participation potentially dangerous or harmful for me. I affirmatively assert that should I become disabled, begin taking medication, or acquire any medical condition that could cause such participation to be dangerous or harmful to me, I will notify Pelvic Gym immediately, and cease all participation immediately. Should this occur, I agree that I will not return to participation in such potentially harmful activity without clearance from my physician. 

I understand that the content hosted on Pelvic Gym, including without limitation, text, copy, audio, video, photographs, illustrations, graphics and other visuals, is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or recommendations of any kind. I acknowledge that I either have no restrictions from my physician or that I have permission from my physician to participate in exercises hosted on Pelvic Gym. 

I acknowledge that I should always seek the advice of my qualified healthcare professionals with any questions or concerns I may have regarding my individual needs and any medical conditions. All information hosted on Pelvic Gym or in connection with any communications supported by Pelvic Gym, including but not limited to communications with Pelvic Gym professional experts is intended to be for general informational purposes only, and is in no way intended to create a healthcare practitioner – patient relationship as defined by state and federal law. Reliance on any information appearing on Pelvic Gym, whether provided by Pelvic Gym, its content providers, medical experts, clients, visitors to the site or others, is solely at my own risk. While Pelvic Gym facilitates my selection of, communications with, and other interactions with practitioners, Pelvic Gym does not provide medical services. 

All practitioners identified or accessible on Pelvic Gym are independent practitioners and are not employed by or affiliated with Pelvic Gym. Any information or advice received from a Pelvic Gym practitioner as a result of Pelvic Gym hosted content comes from that practitioner alone, and not from Pelvic Gym. I understand that my interactions with any practitioners as a result of Pelvic Gym are not intended to take the place of my relationship with my primary health care practitioners. Neither Pelvic Gym, nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates or any third party who may promote Pelvic Gym or provide a link to the Service, shall be liable for any professional advice obtained from a practitioner hosting on Pelvic Gym or for any other information obtained on the Pelvic Gym website. Pelvic Gym does not endorse any specific tests, physicians, medications, products or procedures that are recommended by providers that may use Pelvic Gym to communicate with me.

I understand that Pelvic Gym makes no representations whatsoever about any other website that I may access through Pelvic Gym. When I access a non-Pelvic Gym site, I understand that it is independent from Pelvic Gym, and that Pelvic Gym has no control over the Content on that website. In addition, a link to a non-Pelvic Gym website does not mean that Pelvic Gym endorses or accepts any responsibility for the Content, or the use, of the linked site. If I decide to access any of the third party sites linked to Pelvic Gym, I do so entirely at my own risk.

I agree that this Agreement may be signed electronically or agreed to by clicking “Sign Up”, the effect of which will be the same as if I and Pelvic Gym signed the Agreement by hand and the intention of which is that both parties desire to be bound by all the terms of the Agreement.

Terms of Service


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