You deserve
more than
just kegels.

Now your pelvis has a PT dream team
— right in your own living room.

One gym, a body of difference

Your future self will thank you.

An Essential Service Made Accessible

We believe you deserve access to leading Pelvic Physical Therapists, wherever you are geographically, financially, or even mentally. Access expert-guided video lessons to watch, breathe, and stretch your way to a healthier (and better essential-functioning) you.

Join the world’s first Pelvic Gym.

Why work out your pelvis?

The pelvic floor helps us perform some of life’s most essential functions (like peeing and perpetuating the human species). But even on our best days, our bodies need a little love.
Bladder Control

Say goodbye to bathroom radar. (Cue tears down face, not leg.)

Postnatal Recovery

Regain strength without fear and feel more like yourself again.

Chronic Pain Management

Reframe and manage how you experience pain.

Sexual Wellbeing

Make sex less of a pain, so you can be intimate the way you want.

What is Pelvic PT anyway?

Pelvic Physical Therapists complete specialized training in pelvic pain and dysfunction and are equipped with hands-on and at-home treatment options relating to the pelvis, surrounding muscles, bones, and soft tissues.

Meet the Experts

PT, DPT... What do all of those letters mean?

They mean you have access to the best licensed physical therapists who also specialize in movement practices like yoga, dance, crossfit, and even toilet meditation. Are you feeling what we’re feeling? That’s called excitement.

Amy Stein


Founder of Beyond Basics PT, past President of IPPS, and a leading expert in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, women’s health, and functional manual therapy for all genders. Also has impeccable fashion sense.

Dustienne Miller


Founder of Flourish PT, a board certified women’s health physical therapist, and yoga teacher who uses a compassionate and creative approach to empower people to move mindfully and with ease.

Shelly Prosko


Founder of PhysioYoga, TEDx speaker, and physiotherapist, who is certified in rehabilitative yoga with over 20 years of experience in education and working with people in pain. Also gives great hugs.

Let the experts
speak for themselves.

"With PT, people feel so empowered, because they feel like they can do something that had been taken away from them."
Stephanie Prendergast - MPT
"It’s great some doctors are aware of dilator therapy, but to hand patients a set with no guidance or follow up is irresponsible. Then when the therapy appears to have failed, patients are left discouraged and defeated. It’s a shame."
Kenael Segal - PT, DPT
"Yoga provides a framework for me to treat holistically and in a way that places the power in my patients' hands. We know that's how people get better."
Sarah Talley - PT, DPT, PYT-C

An Essential Service Made Accessible

Expert pelvic floor therapy from the comfort of your home... So you actually do it.

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