Fun Facts!

  • What: Supports pelvic organs
  • Why: Lifts pelvic organs during pelvic floor activation

Oh Helllo, Levator Ani Muscle Group! (Pt. 5)

Explore pelvic floor anatomy and function! The deep layer: the levator ani muscle group.

Dr. Sherine Aubert describes the levator ani muscle group, part of the deep layer of the pelvic floor.

The levator ani consists of the pubococcygeus and iliococcygeus muscles. These muscles attach to your coccyx (tailbone) and sling around your organs, creating a wall by attaching to your pubic bone in the front. Kind of like a hammock, these muscles support your pelvic organs. When we activate pelvic floor muscles, our organs lift and holes close. When we relax we do the opposite.