Sherine Aubert, PT, DPT, PRPC

Sherine embeds thoughtfulness, practicality, and enthusiasm in her treatment. Her goal is to make pelvic physical therapy and rehabilitation the gold standard treatment following childbirth, sexual reassignment surgeries, post urogynecological, colorectal, abdominal, and breast surgeries.”

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Hi I’m Sherine— Pelvic, Abdominal and Breast Physical Therapist. I grew up dancing (ballet, jazz, and tap) and from a young age I quickly learned the importance of movement, flexibility and strength along with profound love for anatomy. As a young dancer, I experienced my own pelvic journey and was able to treat myself with my anatomy and movement education which was incredibly empowering. I can honestly say, I deeply understand how pelvic floor dysfunction can impact many avenues of ones life along with the vulnerability and growth it takes to heal. This journey lead me to focus my undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach (go Beach!), graduate studies with Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Western University of Health Sciences and entire career to the pelvis and center of the body. I love empowering, educating, and treating anyone with a pelvis. I was one of the first cohorts to pass the PRPC (Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification) in 2015 and have continued to take courses from Herman and Wallace, APTA, John Barnes, and many others. The furtherest I traveled was Berlin, Germany to the international Fascia Conference in 2017- loads of fellow fascia nerds like me. My style of therapy is mostly manual therapy or “hands on” approach, with myofascial release, connective tissue mobilization, trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, nervous system down training along with therapeutic and breathing exercises. I use a shared responsibility model when working with people and appreciate being a part of peoples wellness programs. I love and appreciate collaborating with other providers including integrative nutritionists, naturopaths, functional and integrative physicians, PAs, movement specialists, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, and other highly skilled providers. I deeply believe as a pelvic rehabilitation specialist, pelvic, abdominal and breast physical therapy should be gold standard to anyone pregnant, post partum, pre and post urogynolgical, colorectal, and top/bottom surgeries along with wellness visits to support all phases of life in puberty, reproductive, menopause, and beyond. Teaching is another professional passion of mine. I have had the honor of representing Herman and Wallace and teach the first cohort of Pelvic PTs in Keyna in 2019. I have also taught the Doctoral Physical Therapy students at Chapman and West Coast University along with multiple community lectures all over Southern Californian. Like I say to students and patients all the time- I feel like I am sharing the best secrets…. Improving bedroom, bathroom, birthing and so much more! Featured/Publications: APTA, Herman and Wallace, LA times, the London Method, CSULB, and GPHAM Out of the office I love adventuring in nature, live music and hopefully improving my culinary skills. Pelvic Cheers!

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