Sherine Aubert

Sherine embeds thoughtfulness, practicality, and enthusiasm in her treatment. Her goal is to make pelvic physical therapy and rehabilitation the gold standard treatment following childbirth, sexual reassignment surgeries, post urogynecological, colorectal, abdominal, and breast surgeries.”

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Blending a dance background with a long standing captivation with pelvic and sexual health during undergraduate and graduate studies, Sherine understands how the pelvis influences many aspects of life on a deeply rooted level- mentally, physically and emotionally. It is her true passion to identify drivers and give individuals the tools to address pelvic pain along with bedroom (sexual pain) and bathroom (bladder, bowel, & voiding) issues. With her specialized background in pelvic health, exercise science, orthopedics, and dance, Sherine optimizes patient care to create customized, evidence-based physical therapy interventions to facilitate optimal health. She enjoys working with all varieties of populations, including the trans-population, effectively rehabilitating and optimizing pelvises post sexual reassignment surgeries.

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