Fun Facts!

  • Sex and intimacy looks different for everyone during pregnancy
  • Sex is not just penetration
  • Being intimate during pregnancy has benefits for the pregnant person, the relationship, and the baby

Sex and Intimacy During Pregnancy

Walk through the science behind, benefits of, and how to facilitate sex and intimacy during pregnancy.

Dr. Casie Danenhauer, DPT and her partner, Austin Humble, share a candid conversation about the very under discussed and often taboo topic of sex and intimacy during pregnancy. Talking points include:

  • Myths related to sexual desire during pregnancy and different trimesters
  • Factors that can influence sexual desire- Knowing there's no "normal"!
  • Sexuality vs. sensuality and intimacy and the need to open up perspectives of intimacy
  • Benefits of intimacy for baby and pregnant partner
  • Role of self-reflection and communication in intimacy and desires
  • Strategies to support intimacy
  • Hormonal benefits to parents and babies of intimacy