Sarah Casali, PT, DPT

Sarah is a physical therapist, originally from Boston, MA. Sarah graduated from Simmons College in 2014 with BS in Exercise Science and in 2017 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

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Her passion is treating pelvic dysfunction and has enjoyed working with each patient to navigate through different diagnoses & symptoms, including pelvic pain and incontinence, to live a healthy and pain-free life. Sarah is also a certified pilates instructor, and therefore blends a lot of pilates into her treatments. In her free-time Sarah enjoys wake boarding, snowboarding, listening to live music with friends, reading a good book, and painting.

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Stretches for Urinary Urgency and Frequency
Hip and Core Strengthening Exercises for Stress Urinary Incontinence
Knee Pushes for Urinary Urgency and Frequency
Post-Pee Dribbles
Bladder Health & Dysfunction: Urinary Urgency and Frequency

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